RV Travel CAUTION: 7 Scary Road Signs of Doom

tsunami warning scary road sign

Top 7 Scary Road Signs for Full-time RV Travelers A full year into our full-time RV adventure, we continue to learn and experience new and scary things about this incredible lifestyle on the road. Everyone who drives any kind of vehicle knows road signs are key to making sure you get where you’re going with […]

Steinbeck in Salinas: Literary Day Trip & 10 Fascinating Facts

the steinbeck house in salinas, california

John Steinbeck, the author, in Salinas, California??? Yes!  Isn’t he dead? Yes. But he’s still all over the place in Salinas!  [Hmm… that might not have come out just right.🤔]   Steinbeck in Salinas: A Literary Day Trip One of the most epic things we enjoy, as full-time RV Travelers and Book Lovers, is finding […]

RV Names: Charlie & Starfish – An Origin Story of Epic Proportions!

Charlie the Unicorn RV

What’s your RV’s name? “Hello, we’re Russ & Sherri, and this is Charlie-The-Unicorn RV & Starfish, our toad (tow vehicle).” How does it come to this? The naming and personification of vehicles and other inanimate* objects. inanimate (adj): not alive, especially not in the manner of animals and humans. It’s weird, right? Yet everybody does […]

3 RV Shows & The Slippery Slope to Suddenly Owning a 40-foot Motorhome

rv shows near me

Have you ever been to an RV Show? If you are interested in RVs, looking to buy an RV, or already own one, RV Shows are a great place to: Dream about camping in comfort and style Learn about RVs, compare types and models and prices Explore all of the accessories, memberships, and camping possibilities […]

RV Harvest Hosts: Sleepover at Bo Duke’s ❤️ – Holden, Louisiana

Harvest Host Camping

RV Harvest Hosts Review: John Schneider Studios – Holden, Louisiana   Me: “You know, that show with Bo & Luke Duke, Boss Hogg, and the General Lee!” 24yo Dear Daughter: “… the what  now?” Me: “Okay, he’s also Superman’s Dad on Smallville.” 24yo: “Nope, I never saw that show, either.” 🤦‍♀️ John Schneider. Oh my […]